TPU: 115 years of glorious history. 150, 000 engineers for success and wealth of Russia.

Dear friends,

being the oldest engineering higher school in the Asian part of Russia, Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) has produced generations of graduates who have gone on to become leaders in all areas of society and industry. Today, we are striving to acquire and elevate the best research and education practices accumulated in the national and international academic community.

Steady development and yearning for continuous perfection have become our winning formula. We are confident that the creative and practical approach to studies and research will contribute to our further endeavors.

Academic traditions established by enthusiastic innovators of industry have paved the pathway for TPU graduates to becoming top quality engineers and efficient managers. Today we have good reasons to think that Tomsk Polytechnic University as a National Research University of Resource-Efficient Technologies has chosen the most reliable and forthright way to success.

Rector of TPU
Professor Petr S. Chubik

115 years of glorious history
150, 000 engineers for success and wealth of Russia

24 November 2011

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