Best Science Projects of TPU Graduate Students 2016

In 2016 students and young scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University told the University Press Service about dozens of promising scientific developments. We introduce successful TPU young scientists according to Flamingo, a multifunction service system for TPU students.

Alexander Petrusyov

The 2016 leader on scientific activity among students and young scientists was called Alexander Petrusyov, a student from the Institute of Power Engineering – he earned 6254 scores at Flamingo. From the first year of study he is developing facilities improving energy efficiency of solar batteries.

Energy efficiency is improved due to a sun tracker. Throughout the day the tracker turns a panel after the Sun and the battery “catches” much light. The facility differs from other counterparts by an option to operate from DC that makes it more cost-effective.

“The facility operated successfully in a distant village in Altai Mountain last winter. One of its main features is it can operate at minus 30 C,

Our facility is designed for extreme conditions as well,”

To develop his project the students received a grant of the UMNIK program of the Foundation to assist innovations, a RF President Prize to support talent youth, the Alimov Award, funding from Rusmolodyozh federal agency.

Mikhail Grigoriev (5597 scores), a PhD. student from the Institute of Nondestructive Testing is also a Flamingo’s leader. He designs a robotic arm and an algorithm to control it by myoelectric (brain) signals. He was backed by the Russian Foundation of Basic Research.

Ivan Shanenkov (5331 scores), a PhD. student from the Institute of Power Engineering, is obtaining nanosized and ultrafine iron oxide powders by plasmadynamic synthesis. He has already published 21 papers in scientific journal included in Scopus and Web of Science, five of them foreign with IF more than 1.

In the Flamingo top you will find Elena Gnedash (4830 scores), a master student at the Institute of Social Sciences, Humanities and Technologies, presenting a research project on the introduction of a universal information system to support CEOs’ investment decisions.

Stanislav Chursin, a PhD. student at the Institute of Physics and Technology, studies dispersion nuclear fuel by SHS (self-propagating high-temperature synthesis).  

This type of fuel for nuclear industry meets increased safety and reliability requirements. The young scientist has got 4165 scores in Flamingo.

The winner of the Russian Academy of Sciences medal, a PhD student at the Institue of Cybernetics Evgeniy Mytsko (3710 scores) develops algorithms and software monitoring data transmitting in computational units. In 2016 ha publish five papers in Scopus journals and seven papers in VAK journals.

In detail about them in Za Kadry, a corporate newspaper (in Russian).

09 January 2017

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