Environment Ranking Places TPU Third in Russia

Tomsk Polytechnic University has entered the UI GreenMetric World Universities Ranking – a world’s sustainability universities rankings published by Universitas Indonesia. In the overall ranking the Tomsk Polytechnic ranks 165 among 516 universities in 74 countries across the globe. TPU has taken the third place among Russian ranged universities.

The ranking has been published since 2010. Initiated to turn attention of academia to environmental issues.

The criteria of the ranking are based on six main indicators: electricity consumption and savings, water use, waste treatment and recycling, eco-friendly transport system, green campus and education.

Resource efficiency is a priority for Tomsk Polytechnic University. The school was tasked to become a resource efficiency network center of excellence up to 2020. The university runs projects in the field of resource efficiency. The electric utilization technology for reinforced concrete structures was developed, the technology to produce high-octane Euro-4 and Euro-5 gasoline and high-index diesel fuel, the fluoride technology to produce pigment titanium dioxide. Polytechnicers created a nanodiamond additive for vehicles reducing fuel consumption and toxicity of exhaust emissions, a wind and solar power plant. Scientists develop water treatment facilities including for waste waters and a series of other resource efficient technologies. In September 2016 TPU hosted the first World Resource Efficiency Forum, the Russia’s first platform for communication and experience exchange for professional community on resource efficient technologies, projects and developments and for their promotion into Russian and foreign markets.

The University has established a Strategic Academic Unit “Ecoenergy” to create and advance eco-friendly technologies for gasification and the solid fuel ignition, hydrogen energy based on solid oxide fuel cells with extended resources, the technology for liquefying of gaseous fuels. Another SAU “Unconventional Natural Resources” is aimed at the creation of study methods to explore, evaluate reserves and modeling the development of unconventional oil and gas resources, the creation of innovative technologies and equipment for deep cleaning of natural and technical waters.

In 2015 TPU won the RF Ministry of Education and Science award as one of the most “lean” universities in the country achieved one of the best result on energy efficiency enhancement and energy savings. Recently completed modernization of the University buildings and constructions allowed reduction of heating consumption in dormitories by 15-20 % and significantly expand their lifespan. To date, the majority of TPU academic buildings and dormitories are equipped with heat automated systems adjusting the temperature inside the buildings. 

10 January 2017

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