Our research is organized into four main interdisciplinary clusters and two supplementary areas of research. Core areas connect physics, electronics, nanotechnology, as well as mechanical, geological, and environmental engineering. Two supplementary clusters span telecommunications, software engineering and social sciences.

Each cluster operates across several research units, including Institute of High Technology Physics, Institute of Physics and Technology, Institute of Natural Resources, and Institute of Cybernetics. In total, we have 97 departments and 65 research labs working to create a tightly knit ecosystem that promotes innovation and industry collaboration.

Our work has received wide recognition across various fields, with sixty nine of our researchers scoring above ten on Hirsch citation index, according to Elsevier-owned Scopus database. Our faculty had 1,456 citations in Scopus and Web of Sciences databases in 2015. We published in a number of cited academic journals, including Circulation, Physics of Plasma, Nature Protocols, Physical Review Letters, and Laser Physics Letters.

Finally, together with Elsevier, we publish Resource-Efficient Technologies, an English-language publication focusing on sustainable and resource-efficient technologies.

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