Department of Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation

A/Prof. Alexander V. Rudachenko

Head of the Department, PhD

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  • International Research and Education Laboratory of Oil and Gas Hydrodynamics and Heat Exchange
Degree Programmes offered
  21.03.01 Petroleum Engineering
  21.03.01 Reliability of gas and oil pipelines and storages

About the Department

This Department was founded in 2003. Bachelors are trained in Oil and Gas Studies; qualified specialists in Pipeline and Oil-Gas Storage Engineering and Operation; masters are trained in pipeline and storage reliability; postgraduates in Dynamics and Durability of Machinery; Exploration Engineering and Technology.

Professional performance is focused on technical devices, instruments and tools for preparation and transportation of drill products; hydrocarbon transport systems; trunk and field pipelines; pumping and compressor plants; gas-holders and petroleum storage depots. In 2005 the Department underwent licensed examination of this educational programme; in 2006 it was accredited for the five-year period.

Department offers both full-time and part-time eduaction. The number of faculty members is 20, including three professors and 11 associate professors.

Three cycles of professional and educational programs are provided at the Department: oil and gas transportation and storing; oil and gas field equipment; geodesy and topography.

Research is focused on raising the maintainability of pipeline transportation; mathematical simulation of heat-and-mass transfer at complex shear flows one- and two-phase media of internal systems; draw-in methods of piping; geodesic project availability; scientific rationale of choice variants of oil-and-gas field and mining equipment.

The Excellence Centre for pipeline transportation of oil and gas specialists was founded on the basis of the Department. It is well-equipped with multimedia classes, research labs and 3D-visualisation lab.

The educational process is supported by the state-of-the-art facilities and software, such as hydraulic stand «Potok»; stand «Hydrodynamics»; low frequency ultrasonic tomography A1040M POLYGON; defectoscopes; digital acoustic emission system Valen AMSY-5; TV-set; laser swell alignment; laser Doppler fluid meter; vibration-based diagnostics; ultrasonic scanner; programmes CFD, AUTODYN, LS-DYNA, Turbo Tools, Parallel Processor, Spider Project, Fluent, and others.